CLA: BEST Supplement to Target Belly Fat!

CLA helped me lose fat. I had a few questions when I posted a picture of the supplement on snapchat a while back, so I did some research on it so I could make an educated post to respond to some questions. The pictures below show the difference CLA made in a short period helping me with fat loss with maintaining curves.

LEFT 3 January 2018 // RIGHT 10 March 2018

Without a lot of research I started taking CLA to burn fat and build muscle. My goal has always been to lose fat and build muscle. CLA was the perfect supplement to help me with this. I lost ~ 10 pounds with CLA (obviously with exercise and improving my diet too). 


CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. It is a natural fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. IT IS NOT A ‘DIET’ PILL. It is a supplement like fish oil, vitamin C etc


CLA helps with body recomposition. What is body recomposition? in my case, it is the process of burning fat and building muscle. CLA helps you lose fat not weight as you may gain lean muscle. How does this losing fat process work…

An increase of insulin sensitivity allows fatty acids and glucose to easily move toward muscle cells and away from fat cells. This will result in an increase of total energy in muscle and fat tissue, which will enhance metabolism in order to reduce body fat and increase muscle.


It worked for me, I used it for about 3 months. But I stopped using it because honestly I take too many supplements already and I was satisfied with my weightloss. How did I know it was CLA and not just exercise? Because I had been trying to burn fat by improving diet and exercise but I didn’t notice a huge difference until I started using CLA.Also, there are many studies that have shown that CLA improves body composition and helps you lose fat, especially in your mid-section, even without changing exercise or diet. Although, I have also seen a few that claim CLA doesn’t reduce body fat.


CLA has a few health benefits mostly centred around the fact that it is anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps heart health, improving immunity, cancer prevention, lessening the effects of asthma, and muscle-building and strength improvements..

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